For foreign wives of Saudi Arabian men, legal limbo sometimes awaits

Introduction For over a decade, the phenomenon of marriage without commitment, called misyar marriage, has been spreading throughout the Sunni Muslim world, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries. [1] In such marriages, the woman relinquishes some of the rights that Islam grants her, such as the right to a home and to financial support from her husband, and, if he has other.

Saudi King Abdullah and his thirty wives speaks out 1 FIRS EXCLUSIVE LOOK. the former wife of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia claims her four daughters have suffered years.

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There are some muslim men who have more than 1 wifes, however it’s precentage is very few compare to muslim men who have a wife only. More wifes mean more financial burden, grater demand to treat their all wifes fairly, more children who need more attention, and so many other obligations.

Saudi law approves marriage with foreigners. Under the law, the marriage must be in line with Islamic rules and the couple must be free of any serious diseases, should not be drug addicts and the age gap between them must not exceed 25 years. After a lengthy debate on Monday, the Shura council, the Gulf Kingdom’s appointed parliament,

"A foreign mother of Saudi children should acquire permanent residency by default in order to bring peace of mind and stability to the family," he told Arab News."It is the right of the.

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Can Saudi Arabian men have multiple wives? Can Saudi Arabian men legally beat their wives?. Men in saudi arabia are allowed to have up to 4 wives, but it’s rare, and it’s not legal for them to beat their wives, the wives just don’t complain of their own stupidity. They have chaperones to.

The legal system of Saudi Arabia is based on Sharia, Islamic law derived from the Qur’an and the Sunnah (the traditions) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The sources of Sharia also include Islamic scholarly consensus developed after Muhammad’s death. Its interpretation by judges in Saudi Arabia is influenced by the 18th century Wahhabism.